Defective Toys & Child Injuries

Millions of toys are manufactured every year to the delight of children everywhere. Yet, while most of these products are relatively safe, some pose significant dangers to children. Every year over 250,000 children are reported injured or killed by unsafe toys. More than 60 percent of the children injured are less than 15 years old, and the majority are boys.

Injuries Caused by Defective Toys
Dangerous and defective toys most frequently cause the following injuries:

• Scrapes and cuts
• Bruises
• Fractured or broken bones
• Burns
• Puncture wounds
• Suffocation/strangulation

Sometimes children are hurt because parents fail to read safety instructions or fail to properly supervise their children. Yet, children can also be seriously injured due to design and manufacturing defects or the use of toxic or substandard production materials. To make matters worse, many toys are manufactured and assembled in third world countries where there is little or no emphasis on quality control. This often makes it difficult to detect a toy’s defects until it is too late.

Recalls of Dangerous and Defective Toys
The types of toys which most frequently cause injuries include balloons, rocking horses, toys with sharp or jagged edges, toys with cords or batteries, or those which contain magnets. Some popular toys that have been recalled due to defects and injuries include:

• Hasbro Easy-Bake Oven
• Sky Dancers Flying Dolls
• Skippy Pool Toys
• Pokeballs from Burger King
• Jarts Lawn Darts

Each year, many toys are recalled because of the dangers they pose. Sometimes, a toy manufacturer may discover a design or manufacturing defect after a toy has been sent to market and issue a voluntary recall. Other times, latent dangers in toys are not realized until, tragically, a child has been injured or killed.

Keeping Your Child Safe
Every parent wants what is best for their children and they work hard to keep their children safe from dangers. If only toy makers always had your children’s best interests at heart. Instead they routinely manufacture and market toys that are hazardous to your children’s well-being.

In an attempt to thwart these dangers, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls millions of toys each year; however, they are stretched to the limit. Along with consumer groups, they work alongside the civil justice system as an enforcement mechanism against negligent corporations. Parents, too, should stay alert to toy recalls and supervise children at play. Also to keep kids safe, parents should:

• Always check the product number on toys to see if they were part of a larger recall
• Never allow kids to play with damaged toys
• Follow appropriate age recommendations
• Be cautious of lead
• Store toys in a safe place
• Contact your child’s doctor immediately if you suspect your child has been exposed to a toxic substance

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