Patrick Malone & Associates represents families and individuals with life-changing injuries who need skilled, experienced and dedicated attorneys to represent them in lawsuits against wrongdoers. Our firm has a national reputation for excellence.

Our clients seek our legal help for the most serious injuries imaginable:harms to babies and children, brain injury, paralysis, medical malpractice, wrongful death and other events that have changed their lives forever.

Our clients typically face enormous medical bills and years ahead of expensive care. Often, they can no longer work to pay for what they need. Under our American system of civil justice, the person whose negligence or carelessness caused harm to an innocent person must pay for the harm they caused. But when that harm requires large sums of money for fair compensation, defendants – especially insurance companies – fight hard to avoid accountability.

That’s where our firm steps in. Our job as attorneys is to bring wrongdoers to justice, whether they are large corporations, insurance companies, the government, or professionals like doctors, lawyers and accountants. We seek justice for our clients and safety improvements to prevent injuries to others.

We also work hard to get the answers to questions from our clients about what exactly happened, why, and what can be done to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again to someone else. See more on our mission statement page on this website.

We help clients throughout metropolitan Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland regions. Areas we serve also include northern Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and neighboring communities), plus counties neighboring Washington such as Prince George's County, and Montgomery County, Maryland. Here is a list of communities we serve.

We work with other attorneys throughout the United States on referral or co-counseling teamwork.

Patrick Malone is a leading advocate for consumer safety. He is an author, lecturer and attorney who represents seriously injured people in medical malpractice lawsuits, product liability cases and other kinds of lawsuits. With nearly 30 years as an attorney, Mr. Malone has a track record of outstanding results for his clients in court verdicts and out-of-court settlements. His book for patients, "The Life You Save : Nine Steps to Finding the Best Medical Care - and Avoiding the Worst", aims to educate consumers on how to be smarter patients and get the most out of our health care system. He co-authored a widely praised book that teaches other attorneys the “Rules of the Road” method for how to win cases for injured clients. Read more about Mr. Malone here.

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This website offers extensive resources for consumers, medical patients, and other attorneys.

Here are past issues of our “Better Health Care” newsletter, which has many tips for patients and families about getting the best health care. We also have a collection of specific “Patient Safety Tips” organized alphabetically by subject, from anesthesia to cancer screening to consent forms to vision loss, and many more topics.

Consumers who need to hire an attorney can get our “Free Injury Fact Kit.”

Check out our “Health Care Advocates Power Kit,” an easy resource for consumers who want to make a complaint about medical care, obtain their health records, dispute a bill or obtain information about their legal rights and deadlines for filing suits.

Lawyers who need briefs, orders and how-to articles can check our legal resources for attorneys with injured clients.

The Life You Save

Patrick Malone appears on TODAY to share advice on how to find the best medical care.

Books by Patrick Malone

Winning Medical Malpractice Cases

Winning Medical Malpractice Cases

With the Rules of the Road™ Technique
Free Podcasts with Patrick Malone

This book could save your life,
or a loved one's.

The Life You Save

This book has helped many lawyers win their cases.

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road:
A Plaintiff Lawyer's Guide to Proving Liability

Free Fact kit for Injury Victims

  • Eleven questions to ask before hiring a lawyer for your injury lawsuit.
  • Ten mistakes injury victims make when dealing with doctors.
  • Common myths about medical malpractice lawsuits.
  • Plus more important information every consumer needs to know.

Health Advocates' Power Kit

How to complain and get answers when you have concerns about quality of care, safety, injury, billing issues, privacy of records and more.

Patient Safety Blog

Child Safety Blog

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