How long does a lawsuit take?

Lawsuits can take as long as a few years. Before a lawsuit is even filed in court, your attorney will need to do months of investigation and research into your claim. Once filed, both parties will still have more work to do before the trial itself. The court will set a schedule for your case, though that schedule is often subject to change to meet the needs of both parties and the court. Trial typically lasts anywhere from a few days to weeks to even months, depending on how complex the circumstances are.

The Time Commitment of Filing a Lawsuit

While your attorney is working on your case, you should be able to focus on your own life. You will need to help your attorney by describing what occurred and gathering important documents. If your case goes to trial, you will also likely be called to testify, and you may want to attend the rest of the trial to see what is going on with your case. Overall, however, the lawsuit should not be your main commitment while it is going on.