Birth Injury Information

We offer information here to help patients with serious birth injuries and their families conduct research about those injuries and understand the legal alternatives that may be available to them. A malpractice lawsuit for birth-related injury can sometimes be the only way to insure that a child will get the care he or she needs to recover their maximum potential for a normal life.  But not always — the issues surrounding potential malpractice need to be carefully investigated.

Occasionally during the birthing process, the physical stresses on the baby may cause serious injuries to the baby’s brain or the nerves controlling the arms and hands.  Doctors and midwives need to pay close attention to warning signs that these injuries are about to happen.  They also need to assess risk factors which can place some mothers and babies at higher risk for harm.  For more information, click on the headings below.

Click here to watch an interview with Patrick Malone about birth-related malpractice lawsuits.