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* Lawdragon.com. One reviewer said: "[Mr. Malone] shows remarkable caring and understands the humaness of us all." Another wrote: "he stands out as one of the very finest, in my opinion (I was an attorney at the time of the surgery)." Read more.

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Aubrey Duckworth and her family

We would like to personally thank Pat Malone for his tireless work on behalf of our daughter for the past 3.5 years. We were civilians on a military base overseas in 2004 when our daughter was born. To make a bad situation even worse, the medical staff was grossly negligent. Our daughter suffered a hypoxic brain injury at birth after my uterus ruptured, and as a consequence, she has severe and profound special needs for life.

From our first meeting with Mr. Malone, he had an action plan for our claim. He arranged for all the professional evaluations and expert consultations, and he kept us advised of each step in a very arduous process.

The final result was a government funded trust that should meet all of our daughter's financial needs over the course of her lifetime. Thanks to Pat's work and our case, we hope the government will make necessary changes in patient care at all military medical facilities in order to prevent future tragedies.

William and Lindsey Duckworth

Shelley Minch Shelley Minch, who lost her hearing due to misuse of an antibiotic drug at a major Baltimore hospital:

It really does seem both long ago and just yesterday that we settled my case. I feel so fortunate that we had the chance to work with you at such a crazy time in our lives. We handed you a mess.

My bilateral nephrectomy in 1997 left me very sick with pancreatitis, peritonitis, I became septic. While this was happening, sound rapidly became muffled, then gone. I remember being delusional. I did a good impression of stumbling drunk when I walked. I was in the hospital for weeks then and often in the months to come. I certainly came home a different woman than the one who entered the hospital.

The research you did was deeply professional. Finding out what actually had happened to me in the hospital was so important to us. As most people, I wondered why me, and you answered that. I am still amazed that you were able to discover the series of choices the hospital and surgeon made and why they made those choices. You deposed the author of the FDA regulation. The chain of events from a FDA black box warning label on a 100 gram bottle (among other things‑ nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity, prolonged neuromuscular blockade) to my operating room and to my guts to my prolonged neuromuscular blockade and ototoxicity became clear. I'm sure I only skipped the nephrotoxicity due to lack of kidneys. When you gave us this story, things seemed a lot less random. Then we realized that this didn't have to happen to me or to us. It wasn't a case of a desperate or lifesaving treatment. My deafness resulted from old habits, economy, no communication, no cross checking safety net, no leader protecting the patient...did I say economy?

When you told us that the hospital had exposed hundreds if not thousands to this risk, we discussed ways to protect others. I got angrier. I felt very grateful that you were my/our guide at this point, we really counted on you to help us find the power to speak, to object, to be outraged. You're a smart guy, an ethical guy and I was glad you were on our side. Your persistence was so important, I know I wasn't always at my best. From the perspective of six years, I was rebuilding myself as a survivor, a woman who happened to be deaf but also lots of other things.

When we decided to settle, speaking in the judge's chamber gave me a huge sense of closure. I had powerful forum for telling the; hospital's representatives that my family and I and possibly others had been harmed. The hospital had consequences, effective enough for change. Thanks for getting me into that room.

You were a great ally in our fight and have been a kind friend since.I can highly recommend you as an attorney to anyone. Thanks for your help.

Shelley Minch

P.S. The settlement money has been invested in hopes of old age and in case of special needs I might have.

Sharon Burke with Patrick Malone Sharon Burke, who suffered a devastating stroke, with Patrick Malone and her mother, Wilhemina Torian:

An email from Sharon’s mother after the successful conclusion of the appeal of her case: Mr. Malone,

Thanks for informing Sharon and me about the [appeal]. We are very happy that it's finally over.

We, again, thank you for all of the excellent hard work you have put into this case.

We are convinced that without your dedication, and thorough presentation, it would not have been nearly as favorable for Sharon. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Wilhelmenia G. Torian

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Karen Johnson, who lost her uterus due to negligent treatment by a gynecologist Karen Johnson, who lost her uterus due to negligent treatment by a gynecologist:

I would like to express my gratitude to Patrick Malone for the way he handled my case. I suffered a great loss, the inability to carry a child, due to the negligence of a doctor and was having difficulty finding someone willing to take my complaint due to the complexity of and their unfamiliarity with my condition. Pat was not only willing, but made great efforts to familiarize himself with the circumstance terminology, and effects of my condition. He consulted experts in the field and obtain copious testimony that left the accused doctor and his representative no choice other that to settle our case. The result of his efforts enabled me to proceed with surrogacy and we now have a beautiful daughter, something I could only dream of being possible several years ago. Pat dealt with me compassionately and honestly. I always felt like I knew exactly what to expect during each stage of the process.


Karen Bellas, who had the wrong surgery done on her foot due to a mixup with another patient at a prominent District of Columbia hospital Karen Bellas, who had the wrong surgery done on her foot due to a mixup with another patient at a prominent D.C. hospital:

Pat, We are very grateful for all that you have done for us. Needless to say it was our first experience with a lawyer and it was a very good experience. I think in one of my early e‑mails to you and after having read your article in the St. Anthony Messenger, I said something to the effect that if you were as good a lawyer as you are writer, you would be a good one. You proved that to be true. As I mentioned the check will be put away for our retirement fund and will come in very handy.

Thank you again, Pat for all you did for us. Gratefully, Karen