Seated across the Potomac River from downtown Washington, DC, Arlington is home to a large number of federal agencies, including DARPA, the DEA, the TSA, and of course the Department of Defense in the Pentagon. Ironically, while it supports the massive federal bureaucracy, Arlington itself is the smallest self-governing county in the United States. In addition to government organizations, some of the largest employers in Arlington include US Airways, Lockheed Martin and Marriot International.

The attorneys of Patrick Malone & Associates frequently represent residents of Arlington in personal injury lawsuits. Within Virginia we have practiced in the Circuit and Federal Courts in the City of Alexandria, Fairfax County Circuit Court, Prince William County Circuit Court, Loudoun County Circuit Court, and Arlington County Circuit Court.

When Arlington residents get injured outside of Virginia, such as in the District of Columbia or Maryland, we represent them in those locations as well. We actively prosecute serious injury lawsuits in Prince George’s County Circuit Court in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the United States District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland, the Montgomery County Circuit Court in Montgomery County, Maryland, the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and the United States District Court in Washington, DC.

One important focus of our practice is medical malpractice lawsuits. We often represent patients and families that have suffered serious injuries from careless or negligent care by hospitals, clinics, individual doctors and other medical providers. Major hospitals in northern Virginia we have brought successful claims against include the Inova Hospitals of Fairfax, Alexandria, Fair Oaks, Loudoun and Mount Vernon, Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington (formerly Arlington Hospital), Potomac Hospital in Prince William County, Reston Hospital Center, and Mary Washington Hospital.

We also represent victims of other types of catastrophic injuries. These include injuries to the central nervous system, birth-related injuries, wrongful death and other life-changing trauma. We also have experience representing individuals who sustained serious personal injury from automobile, truck, and motorcycle collisions.

Two cases in which we successfully sued in northern Virginia were:

  • Benedi v. McNeil PPC . This product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of Tylenol generated one of the largest collected judgments against a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the United States: $7.8 million. Our client Tony Benedi suffered liver failure and kidney damage from ordinary use of Tylenol. See more about this case on Patrick Malone’s “Verdicts and Settlements” page.
  • Brown v. City of Alexandria . This case concerned the tragic and completely unnecessary shooting death of Aaron Brown, an 18-year-old Eagle Scout, at an IHOP restaurant in Alexandria, by a uniformed Alexandria police officer who was providing security at the IHOP. We reached a successful settlement for Aaron’s family against the City of Alexandria, the employer of officer Carl Stowe.

Driving Directions to Patrick Malone & Associates:

Our office is on 16th Street NW one building north of the intersection of 16th and L. This is four blocks north of the White House, and next door to the old Russian Embassy. Our building, 1111 16th St. NW, says “American Association of University Women” above the main door.

Get to downtown Washington by any of the major feeder roads.

Coming from the WEST: You should go east on L street (one-way eastbound), then turn LEFT on 16th, and our building will be immediately on your right.

Coming from the EAST (from Baltimore, Howard County, and Prince George’s County): Go west on M street (one-way westbound), then turn LEFT on 16th. Our building will be on your left just before the intersection with L Street.

Coming from the SOUTH (Virginia, over the 14th Street bridge): Go north on 14th St. NW, turn LEFT on I (eye) St. NW, then RIGHT on 16th, and two blocks north, just past the intersection with L street. Our building will be on your right.

Coming from the NORTH (from NW D.C. and from Montgomery County): Come down Connecticut Avenue. At Dupont Circle, come around ¾ of the circle to Massachusetts Avenue eastbound. Go RIGHT on 16th Street. Our building will be on your left just before the intersection with L Street.

Directions by subway:

Take the Red Line to Farragut North. Exit at one of the L Street exits. Walk due east two blocks along L street to intersection of 16th and L, and you will see our building ahead of you on the northeast side of 16th and L.

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