True Stories

On the pages linked here, visitors to our website will find true stories of medical malpractice that happened to our law firm’s clients. Each case is presented because of important lessons it carries for healthy patients who want to avoid tragedies for themselves and their families. We also offer a true history of hospital infections for the lessons it brings to bear on the systemic problems the health care industry faces in cleaning up its infection problem.

Death at Birth: A Tragedy Caused by Overwork and Undertraining

The Patrick Malone firm represented the family of Keren Kipoliongo, a baby girl who died in her mother’s womb just minutes before the successful Cesarean section delivery of her twin sister Gabrielle.

A True Story of Aneurysm Medical Malpractice

Lyn Gross’s story has important lessons about the importance of teamwork in a hospital where high-risk brain surgery is conducted, and about how patients need to be aware of the rivalry among different types of specialties for their surgical business.

Anatomy of a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Sharon Burke’s story shows how a misunderstanding between two specialists – in her case, a neurologist and a radiologist – can lead to a tragic preventable injury. Hers was made worse by individual acts of negligent care by the two doctors, along with their failure to communicate with each other.

Some History about Hospital Infections

To understand the modern scandal of hospital infections, it helps to know that the history of efforts to get doctors to wash their hands dates back to a cranky obstetrician in Vienna, Austria in 1846.

Medical Malpractice and Informed Consent

Billy Boone became an accidental pioneer in establishing the legal right of patients to know their surgeon’s level of experience – without having to ask first. It’s all about the information that a surgeon must provide to the patient so that the patient’s consent becomes truly intelligent and “informed.”

Unnecessary surgery: the Importance of One Good Hand

Mike Wood lost the use of his hand because his surgeon scared him into rushing into an operation he really didn’t need. The surgeon also lacked experience in the operation, and there was a better, safer way available, even if it was justified. All this shows the importance of careful questioning of the surgeon before going into any non-emergency surgery. It also shows the importance of realizing that doctors can have a conflict between their desire to do more surgery and make money, and the goal of doing what’s best for the patient.

When the Doctor Didn’t Listen to the Patient

This tragic story of misdiagnosis malpractice exposes how easy it is for preventable injuries to happen when a doctor doesn’t carefully listen to the patient’s story. The story offers some lessons in what patients can do to help doctors pay better attention.

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