Ms. Burke's treating neurologist also failed to provide competent care

Dr. Goodman, Ms. Burke's neurologist who ordered the July 2000 brain scan, was also criticized by expert independent neurologists at the trial. Ms. Burke's symptoms reported to him were classic for "transient ischemic attacks," which are small strokes that can act as warning signs of big strokes to come. He failed to pursue a rational plan to determine what was wrong with her. The complex series of events that led to Ms. Burke's preventable stroke in October 2000 were summarized in a timeline chart.

The two tests highlighted in yellow at the lower right of the timeline, both done just after her major stroke, could have prevented the stroke if done earlier because they would have led to the correct diagnosis. According to the neurologists who testified on Ms. Burke's behalf, Dr. Goodman had several clues that should have led him to do these tests in spite of the confusing report received from the radiologist concerning the July brain scan.

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