Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

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Car wrecks and traffic accidents are scary events, especially when you or a loved one suffers a serious injury — and doubly so when the accident is someone else’s fault.

Then you have to deal not only with trying to get better, but fending off an insurance company that wants to “close” your “claim” as quickly as possible. That is usually in the company’s best interest, but not yours.

That is where we come in.

We level the playing field between your side and the insurance company, so that you are not taken advantage of by a company looking to protect its bottom line.

Our first job is to get the insurer off your back, in order to give you the space you need to recover from the injuries as much as possible. In any serious injury case, the healing process usually takes at least a year. Once we know your condition is stabilized, we present comprehensive claims information to insurers to give them a chance to make a fair settlement.

If they do not make a fair offer (and that is the rule with many insurers, unfortunately), we do not hesitate to take your case to court by filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Sometimes that brings some rationality to the defense, when they see that we will not let them push you around. But if they still do not see reason, we pursue the case all the way to trial.

We have experience in every type of motor vehicle injury lawsuit. We have represented innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. We have sued careless drivers, the companies employing these drivers, and vehicle manufacturers that fail to meet safety standards for their cars or trucks. We know about the special safety rules that apply to large trucks, and we have successfully sued trucking companies.

Over years of advocating for those injured in traffic accidents, we have learned how to work with the types of experts that you need to make a compelling case to a jury. These include specialists who are able to reconstruct accidents based on witness testimony, physical evidence and the principles of engineering and physics. Accident reconstruction lets us know exactly what happened, and it also lets us tell your story both visually and orally – something that jurors and judges find useful when trying to understand the case.

We also have extensive experience working with the types of doctors and therapists who help people recover from accidents: neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, trauma specialists, physical medicine doctors, physical therapists, and others. Developing compelling testimony from these experts is critical to making the full dimensions of the injury crystal clear to the jury and judge.

Visual evidence is also important. We work with professional medical illustrators to make sometimes murky X-rays and MRI and CT scans vivid for the jury.

But it is not just our expertise that enables Patrick Malone & Associates to speak up effectively for those who are injured in collisions. It is the fact that we are stubborn and persistent, and we care about our clients.

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